Heavy Duty Lathe Machine

We offers wide range of Heavy Duty Lathe Machines. It is equipped with all the modern utilities that makes work effortless. These Heavy Duty Lathe Machines are manufactured in Rajkot, Gujarat, India under the brand name "Somnath". These Lathe machines are used in various sectors like Automobile garages, Multi-purpose industrial plants, Metal cutting etc. These Lathe machines Require less maintenance, High tensile strength,Dimensionally accurate, Standard tested.

Product Specifications
Model Length ABC* Weight**
SH-1 1675 mm 430 mm 1050 kg
SH-2 2135 mm 890 mm 1200 kg
SH-3 2740 mm 1500 mm 1400 kg
SH-4 3050 mm 1800 mm 1650 kg
SH-5 3660 mm 2410 mm 1900 kg
ABC*= Admit Between Center | Weight** = Approximate Weight ( AVAILABLE SIZE UPTO 42' )